Syncarus :: The flexible File Synchronization Tool

Syncarus is a full two-way synchronization program that helps you backup and restore your data in an interactive and transparent way. Check out the screenshots below to get an impression what it can do for you!

Location A Selection

Select the source directory. This directory should mainly contain newer files as the default behaviour is to copy new files to the target directory B.

Location B Selection

Select the target directory. This directory should contain the backup files. Syncarus will mark all those files that are not present in the source directory (A) as "to-be-deleted".

Location Comparison

Syncarus analyses both locations and compares all files and directories. Detected differences will be displayed as a tree.

Inspect Detected Differences

Take a careful look at what Syncarus is about to do to your files and change the standard behaviour for certain files if necessary.

Synchronize Files

Select some or all directories/files from the tree and let Syncarus synchronize them for you. After the synchronization, only those files that weren't selected for synchronization will still be visible in the differences tree.

Configure the Comparison Strategy

The preferences menu provides you with some options to configure the comparison process. As an example, you may want to enforce deep file inspections or implicitly synchronize timestamps.

Name Based Filtering

You can exclude certain file name patterns (such as redundant "thumbs.db" files) from the comparison process. Moreover, you can tune both comparison and synchronization processes to reflect your demands.